Aircraft Instrument Publications

Aircraft Instrument Publications
Number Title Date of Publication Current
20-1 Aircraft Instruments General
20-1-2A Method of Marking Instruments and Interpretations of Markings 7-Dec-66 2-May-60
20-1-2E Capillary Type Instruments - Installation Precautions 09-May-52 Yes
20-1-2F Electrical Cable in AN Connectors 02-Jun-52
20-1-2G Maintenance Instructions - Aircraft Instrument 05-Jun-57 26-Feb-64
20-1-2H Aircraft Instrument Use of W-11 Tag 17-Feb-64 Yes
20-1-2N Aircraft Instruments - Recording Procedures 18-May-67
20-1-2J Conversion Tables 07-Oct-69 11-Apr-55
20-1-2K Pitot Static Systems and Instruments 28-Dec-58 Yes
20-1-2L Adaptors, Instrument Mounting Retention by Units 24-Oct-58
20-1-2M Maintenance and Repair Procedures - Transistorized Equipment and Printed Circuit Boards 11-Apr-67
20-1-2N Navigation System Component Records - Use of Log Books RCAF Form E133 23-Jun-65
20-1-2P Synchro and Synchro Systems 28-Oct-66
20-1-2Q Installation of Pitot Static Systems 23-Dec-66
20-1-3A Refinishing of Aircraft Instrument Dials 25-Jun-58 Yes
20-1-3B Use of Aluminum Plugs in Aluminum Cased Instruments 16-Jan-56 Yes
20-1-3C Instrument Modification Labels 12-Sep-69 27-Apr-67
20-1-3D Gas Filling of Hermatically Sealed Aircraft Instruments 17-Mar-67 19-Jun-59
20-1-3E Instruments Technical Inspection Reports L53 16-Aug-60 Yes
20-1-3F Procedure for Overhaul of "Operational Life Expired" Transistorized Indicators of Honeywell Manufacture 14-Nov-63
20-1-5A List of Special Information 04-Dec-61 Yes
20-1-6A List of Field Modifications 15-May-69 Yes
20-1-9D Long Term Storage and Preservation (See EO 05-1-9)
20-1-9E Salvage after Immersion in Salt Water 12-Dec-52 Yes
20-1-9F Wrist Watches - Action to be taken after exposure to moisture 24-Feb-64
20-1-11 Insturments and Electrical Workshop and Test Rooms 12-Jan-62 Yes
20-1-11A Instrument Electrical Workshop and Test Rooms - Insturment Section Clean Room Regulations 07-Apr-64 Yes
20-5BB-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Airspeed Indicator 1426 21-Oct-55
20-5BB-4 Part List 02-Sep-55
20-5BB-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 26-Apr-67
20-10BC-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Altimeter AN 5760-2A 21-Jan-64
20-10BC-4 Part List 10-Sep-56
20-15BB-2 Handbook with Parts List - Rate of Climb Indication AN 5825 23-Dec-66
20-20AH-2 Handbook - Electric Gyro Horizon
20-20BF-2 Operation and Maintenance Instructions of Artificial Horizon AN 5736-1A,2 15-Apr-54 Yes
20-20BF-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions 01-May-54
20-20BF-4 Part List 01-Nov-53
20-20BK-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - Directional Gyro AN5735-1 Sperry 15-Apr-54
20-20BK-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions 15-Apr-54
20-20BK-4 Part List 01-Oct-53
20-20BK-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 20-Mar-56
20-20DB-2 HB with PL - Directional Gyro AN 5735-1 - Jack and Heintz 25-Mar-66
20-20FA-2 Handbook with Parts List - Turn and Bank Indicator Type A11
20-20FA-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 26-Sep-57
20-20FA-20/1 Turn and Bank Indicator 01-Mar-54
20-20FC-2 Handbook with Parts List - Turn and Bank Indicator Type A11 27-Apr-66 20-Jul-45
20-20GB-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - Turn and Bank Indicator - Type 3 - Electric 15-May-54
20-20GB-3 Handbook with Parts List 20-Oct-54
20-20GC-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions (Bank and turn Indicator Assemblies - Types C-5 and C-6) 10-Oct-64 Yes
20-20BG-4 Part List 15-May-54
20-25-1 Operating Instructions - Compass Installation - Swinging and Compensation 14-Apr-65 17-Mar-53
20-25-2A Refilling Procedures - Direct Reading Liquid - Swinging and Compenation 28-Jan-69 15-Feb-54
20-25-5A List of Special Information 30-Sep-53 Yes
20-25-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 07-Nov-67 24-Feb-66
20-25BA-3 Handbook with Part List - Magnesyn Remote compass Indictors and Transmitters (Types AN5730-2, -2A, -3 and -6) 04-Jun-57 Yes
20-25BC-2 Handbook with Parts List - B16 Compass 27-Sep-68 29-Aug-55
20-25BC-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 29-Aug-55
20-25DB-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - C2 Gyrosyn Compass 05-Aug-64 22-Feb-51
20-25DB-2 Pg 39 Figure 5-1 Gyrosyn Compass System (Schematic Wiring System - Fold Out Pages) 05-Aug-64 22-Feb-51
20-25DB-2A Calibration of C-2 Gyrosyn Compass Indicator 08-May-59
20-25DB-5A List of Special Inspections 24-Nov-60 21-Feb-55
20-25DB-6A List of Field Modification 15-Jul-55
20-25DB-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 07-Nov-67
20-25DBA-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - C2/CL2 Compass Navigation System 20-Aug-53
20-25DBA-20/1 Circuit Diagram 30-Jun-53
20-25-DC-3F Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Directional Gyro Control (Type S-3A/C and S-B/C) 03-Sep-57 Yes
20-25-EB-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions (Magnetic Compass, AN 5766) 22-Mar-55 Yes
20-25EC-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Magnetic Compass (Models AN5766-3, AN5766-T3 and AN5766-T4) 22-Sep-55 Yes
20-25-GA-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions (Standby Compss, Type AN 5766-T3) O4 Oct 54 Yes
20-30BA-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - B3 Driftmeter 12-Sep-50 Yes
20-30BA-3 Handbook with Parts List 03-Sep-53
20-30BA-6A List of Field Modifications - Driftmeter B3 26-Dec-58 30-Nov-53
20-30BA-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 03-Sep-58
20-35AA-2A Maintenance Instructions - Air Mileage Unit 18-Nov-63
20-35AB-2A Maintenance Instructions - Air Position Indicator Mk. 1 13-Aug-53
20-35AB-5 List of Special Inspections 28-Mar-56
20-35AB-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 24-Feb-66
20-45AA-6A Bubble Sextant (List of Field Modifications) 30-Nov-53
20-45GA-2 Astro Compass Mk 2 Handbook with Parts List 09-Jul-57 22-Sep-55
20-60BB-2 Handbook with Parts List - Thermometers AN 5790, AN 5795 30-Oct-53
20-60BD-2 Repair and Overhaul Instructions with Parts List Thermometer, Thermocouple B-11 01-Jun-54
20-65-2A Inspection and Lubrication of Tachometer Shafts 08-Oct-54 Yes
20-65-2B Description and Maintenance Instructions - Flexible Drives Installation and Maintenance 09-May-52 Yes
20-65-2E Calibration Data for Tachometer Indicator RCAF Ref. 6A/1369 30-Jun-58
20-65-5A List of Special Information 03-Sep-58
20-65-6A List of Field Modifications 12-Feb-63 Yes
20-65-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 24-Apr-67
20-65EC-2 Handbook with Parts List - Tachometers AN 5530, 5531 30-Oct-53
20-70FD-2 Handbook with Parts List - Suction Gauges All Types 15-Apr-54
20-75CA-2 Handbook with Parts List - Gauge Manifold Pressure AN 5770-2 15-Jun-54
20-75CA-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 12-May-66
20-80CB-2 Handbook with Parts List - Engine Gauge Unit (Auto-Lite) AN 5773 12-Jan-54
20-80EB-2 Handbook with Parts List - Engine Gauge Unit (Edison) AN 5773 25-May-56
20-80EB-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 09-Nov-67
20-85B-5A List of Special Information 05-May-57 Yes
20-85B-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 24-Jun-57 Yes
20-85BA-2A Fuel Contents Gauge Multi-Dial Type 12-Dec-52
20-85BA-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Tank Unit, Liquidometer 12-Mar-63 Yes
20-85BA-4 Part List 21-Apr-64 Yes
20-85BA-6A List of Field Modifications 25-Oct-65
20-85BA-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 22-Nov-66
20-85BB-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Tank Unit, Liquidometer 06-May-60 Yes
20-85BC-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions - Gauges, Liquidometer 17-Dec-58 Yes
20-85BC-4 Part List 15-Jan-63
20-85BC-6B List of Overhaul Modifications 23-Jun-67
20-105B-6A Ameican - General List of Field Modifications 23-Jan-62
20-105BA-2 Tubes Pitot, Static & Pitot Static Description and Maintenance Instructions 10-Jun-52
20-105BA-2A Description and Maintenance Instructions - Model 852 (Type MA-1) and Model 855E 31-May-66 Yes
20-110DB-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - Clock AN 5743-1 06-Sep-57
20-135BE-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions - Ammeters, Voltmeters, Voltammeters 01-Aug-54
20-135BE-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions 15-Jun-54
20-135BE-4 Part List 01-Jul-54

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